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Advance Planning in Louisiana

Advance directives (prepared in advance of when you will need them) are legal documents that explain your choices about medical treatment or designate someone to make those decisions for you, if you cannot.

Louisiana law recognizes two types of advance directives:


Wake suggests that you also consider filling out a Funeral and Disposition of Remains Directive.


 Wake recommends three resources as a place to begin learning about advance directives:

  • Planning for Incapacity is a self-help guide put out by the Louisiana Statewide Elder Task Force. It is clear, concise, written in simple language, and provides form examples.

  • My End-of-Life Decision Guide is a publication of Compassion & Choices. It is available as a free download or to order (also for free) as a print copy, and is an excellent guide to values-based decision making.

  • LaPOST is a website that has detailed, current information on how to access and use a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order in Louisiana. 

Wake recommends that you create a "When I Die" folder, easily accessible to you and easy for your loved ones to find. The originals of your advance directives can live in that folder, along with other information that will provide logistical support and emotional comfort to your family (chosen and/or biological) when that time comes.

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