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Why You May Need a

Health Care Power of Attorney

A Health Care Power of Attorney (known in Louisiana as a Medical Procuration) is a legal document authorizing another person (an “agent”) to make health care decisions for you. It is broader than a Living Will, which comes into play only if you are in a continual profound comatose state or are terminally ill. The Medical Procuration/Health Care Power of Attorney allows your agent to make all the decisions regarding your medical treatment that you could make yourself, if you are, temporarily or permanently, unable to make them, unless you limit those powers within the document itself.


This document is a very simple form that allows you to grant a few individual powers to your agent, and to appoint alternatives should your first choice not be able to serve. You can work with a Louisiana attorney or notary public to create a more detailed and specific form of this document, if you like.


Download a Medical Procuration form below, and bring it to a Wake legal clinic or to any Louisiana notary to make it official!

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