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Working on the Ending

Advance directives (prepared in advance of when you will need them) are legal documents that explain your choices about medical treatment or designate someone to make those decisions for you, if you cannot.

Wake provides downloadable forms, and monthly legal clinics where you can have your directives notarized for free.

The Louisiana LGBTQ+ End of Life Guide is a practical manual for making informed choices about your own, or a loved-one’s, end-of-life care. Developed by a queer licensed funeral director and an estate lawyer specializing in LGBTQ issues, the guide walks the reader through the basics of end-of-life decisions. 

If you are considering purchasing funeral and burial services for yourself or another, we highly encourage you to shop for prices. Wake has compiled pricing information from the general price lists of all of the funeral homes in the Greater New Orleans area that provided that information. A comparison chart is available on our website, and you may also contact Wake to see the individual price list (with a great deal more services detailed) for any of the locations listed. 

What is the impact of your body, in the end?


In a “green” burial, a body is buried in the ground, unembalmed, in a simple, biodegradable container (plain wooden box, cloth shroud or something similar). The remains are left to decompose naturally. Why is this so difficult to come by?


Contact us to learn more about how get involved in the green burial movement.

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